Be specific. What are things that make you feel good about what you do?
When is this concept expected to launch? What is your mission with this service/product?
Include personal, historical, visual or other cues that led to the formation of your concept.
List 3 - 5, providing URLs for each. Why do you think these competitors have been successful in your market thus far?
Briefly describe what set them apart in your mind.
Be as specific as you can about what you admire about them. If possble, include URL of business website or social media.
How would you like clients, consumers and prospects to perceive your company when they see your logo mark and other marketing materials? If your brand were a person, how would you describe that person?
Think about things like their socio-economic status, age, interests, general likes and dislikes.
What do you want people to think about you? List 3–5 adjectives you'd like for people to use to describe your concept.
Choose as many design words that appeal to you *
Select all that apply.
Are there any pet peeves or frustrations you see in the branding of other brands?
What branding services will be needed? *
À la carte or Package Services available.